García Torrente Architects is a firm leaded by Marisol and Ubaldo García Torrente.
We assume that nowadays architecture is being widely reviewed among its scope of
application, theories, compromises and criteria. We understand that reality is a process of
change and architecture shall be situated towards current social conditions and the
individual’s relationship with new urbanism and territoriality.
Contemporary culture is our basis for investigation and building procedures, practicing on
architecture, territory, landscape, environmental issues and design in an attempt to break
taxonomies and work in between disciplines so we could have new designing perspectives
and integrated results to offer.
Our current collaborators are:
Esaú Vázquez Rodríguez, Architect.
Cristina Sanabria and Miguel Portilla, Quantity Surveyors.
Salvador López Cervantes and José Navarrete Jiménez.
Dédalo, Restorations.
ZOOOM siete revueltas siete, Contractor.

CV Marisol García Torrente // CV Ubaldo García Torrente